The accessories group consists of products that are not standard on your scooter or moped when you buy them new. By purchasing accessories, your riding comfort is improved, the vehicle is better protected and embellished.

Accessories by brand

In this group you will find all accessories per brand. By selecting the brand and model you get an overview of the available accessories. You can also use our handy vehicle filter. By filling in the brand, model and type the entire website will be filtered for your vehicle., m

In this group you will find, among other things, leg covers, handlebar locks, windscreens and top cases. Besides the original accessories we also offer alternative brands. These also fit your vehicle and are a cheaper alternative to the original brands.


The space in your buddy to take something with you is often quite limited.  If you still want to take extra stuff with you, a luggage carrier or a top case is a good solution. Vespa luggage racks can easily be mounted on your Vespa.

If you want to take more stuff that doesn't fit on your luggage carrier a top case is a good solution. These cases are mounted on a top case plate and are available in different sizes. With the top case it will be indicated if the plate is included.  The content of the top case varies between 28 and 50 litres.


In the group protection you will find everything for the protection of the scooter and the driver. The leg covers from Tucano Urbano are perfect when it gets colder. The leg covers are easily mounted on the scooter and protect the driver from rain and wind. If the leg cover is not used, it can stay on your scooter. The leg covers are often used together with steering muffs. These are mounted on the handlebars and keep the hands of the driver warm and dry.

The protection bars not only embellish the appearance of your scooter but also serve as protection. If your scooter is blown over by the wind, the brackets protect the hoods of your vehicle. The covers protect your vehicle from dust and rain. This way it stays optimal and you can enjoy it longer.


The security of your scooter goes beyond just using the steering lock. With a good chain lock you secure the scooter even better and secure it with the rear wheel to a pole or fence. This lock does take up some space in your buddy, so a disc lock is a more compact alternative. This lock is attached at the front by the disc brake. With a reminder cable on the handlebars you will be reminded that your disk brake lock is still attached.

A handlebar lock is mounted at the bottom of the saddle. With a bracket it will be attached to the handlebars. If the lock is not used, it is nicely hidden under the saddle.

Equipment & Outfit

A helmet is the most important equipment on a scooter. Because your head needs to be protected, it is important that you wear the right size helmet. On our website you will find an overview how to determine the size of your helmet.

A Jet helmet is often worn on a scooter. This helmet is also known as the pot helmet. There is no chin bar on it so you have more freedom on the scooter. The helmet is equipped with an outside visor and some helmets also have a built-in sun visor. This visor is useful on summer days to use them as sunglasses.

Besides Jet helmets you will also find system helmets. These helmets can be worn open or closed. On the quiet country roads you wear the helmet open and as soon as you enter the highway you close the helmet. These helmets are often equipped with a built-in sun visor.

Besides the fact that good equipment should feel comfortable, you are also a lot better protected on the road. A good scooter jacket with protection protects you during a possible fall. The protection can be found on the shoulders, elbows and in the back. The jackets also have a heat lining and keep you dry during a rainstorm.

For the youngest passengers you will find child seats at the back of the scooter. From the age of 3 years they can sit in the back of this child seat. From the age of 8 years they are allowed without a seat on the back.

For the drivers who want to go on longer rides, we sell GPS holders and smartphone holders. By attaching these holders to your mirror you can easily look at your phone while driving. Ideal if you have a navigation app on your smartphone.

The shoe protectors are meant for the drivers on a shifter/motorbike. By changing gears your shoe is worn a bit faster and with these protectors you can prevent this from happening.

To be a little more visible in the dark, it is advisable to wear a safety vest. This vest is worn over the jacket and is equipped with fluorescent material. There are also extra reflective stripes on it for even more visibility.