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Carrying luggage on the moped or scooter is sometimes a bit difficult due to the limited space. In the buddy it is often possible to take some small things with you, but the bigger things are often put on the footboard. A luggage carrier or a top case is a good option for transporting larger items. Use our handy vehicle filter and see exactly which products fit your vehicle.

Luggage carriers

A luggage carrier allows you to take even more stuff with you on the moped or scooter. A front or rear folding carrier is handy for carrying small luggage such as a laptop or a bag with groceries. The average load is about 4kg.

The top case carrier is suitable for attaching a top case. These are available in different colours and sizes. As these items are brand related, we recommend using the vehicle filter mentioned above.

Luggage nets

A luggage net from T.J. Marvin is an elastic net with a tear resistant coating. These nets are ideal for attaching bags and helmets to a moped or scooter. With the hooks it is attached to the underside of the scooter. Make sure that there is always tension on the net so that it does not come loose.

Yamaha lashing straps are strong, durable lashing straps to secure large objects when transporting them with a trailer or van. The soft hook at the end makes it easy to attach to handles or frame tubes. The galvanised buckle has a pressure plate to reduce wear and tear on the fabric. The maximum mounting strength is 540kg and the working load is 180kg. These lashing straps are supplied in a set of two.


The backrests in this group provide even more comfort for the passenger while driving. These backrests are mounted on the top case or the rear folding carrier. Vespa's backrests are available in various colours and can be matched to the colour of the scooter or moped.


Find a diversity of bags in this group. Think for example of leather bags from Vespa with a content of 32 litres. Also a backpack of among others T.J. Marvin, Vespa or Yamaha should not be missing. For the traveller who wants to bring even more stuff, the Polini weekend bag is a good option. The Yamaha Racing trolley is suitable to take along things for a longer period of time.

Top Cases

A top case can only be used in combination with a top case carrier. This carrier is not supplied as standard with the top case, so it must be ordered separately. This article can be found at the bottom of the page under additional articles. This carrier is mounted on the back of the moped or scooter. The top cases are available with a capacity varying between 24 litres and 50 litres.