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The essential Peugeot accessories are available at EasyParts!

EasyParts knows how popular Peugeot is in the field of scooters and maxi scooters. That is why we offer the most extensive range of Peugeot accessories. Use our vehicle filter on the homepage and select the Peugeot brand, model such as Speedfight, Vivacity or Metropolis and type. The entire site will be filtered for the model you chose. A handy way to buy the right accessories for your scooter.

Do you already have a Peugeot accessory to protect the paint of your scooter?

Nowadays, manufacturers are increasingly thinking about protecting your scooter or maxi scooter. By using a protective cover, the scooter can be parked outside or in the garage. The scooter will be protected against possible damage due to dust or weather conditions. By using a saddle cover, your saddle remains protected when you are not using it. Seat covers are available from brands such as Peugeot and T.J. Marvin.

A Peugeot accessory to improve driving comfort, are you thinking of that too?

For daily riding on a scooter, certain equipment is required. Especially if the weather conditions are bad. With the right Peugeot accessory, such as a leg cover, you are assured that you stay warm and dry. If you ride a Citystar or a Satelis, you can opt for handle bar muffs that make driving in bad weather more pleasant. Handlebar covers and leg covers from Peugeot or Tucano Urbano are accessories that should not be forgotten.

Is it possible to get more space on your scooter with Peugeot accessories?

With the wide choice of top cases from original or alternative brands, you will have all the choice you need. The top case sets from Peugeot, but also from Piaggio, Coocase or Yamaha are useful accessories. With a top case you can easily store a helmet, groceries or other personal items. The top cases have different capacities and can be combined with backrests. These backrests will provide extra comfort for the passenger. Some top cases require the purchase of an additional mounting plate, while others come as a kit. This is then indicated at the bottom of the article page.

Do you need a Peugeot accessory for your smartphone?

Today we know that a smartphone has become an indispensable accessory for many people. For scooter or maxi scooter riders, it is even used as navigation. Get a smartphone holder that protects your phone while still keeping it functional. Brands such as TNT, Piaggio and Peugeot have these smartphone holders.

Are you looking for a Peugeot accessory such as a windscreen?

You probably think you've seen all the essential accessories. We all know that riding a scooter or maxi scooter without a windscreen is not very comfortable. So it is important that you do not forget this detail. We offer a wide choice of windshields from various brands such as Novascoot, Fabbri and Peugeot. Windscreens are available in various colours, transparent or smoke. The windscreens are available in different heights, such as a sport model or a high windscreen.