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The original MBK spare parts you cannot do without for maintenance or repair.

With EasyParts you can easily repair or maintain your scooter, maxi scooter, motorcyle, 50 cc moped and many more. By using our vehicle filter on the home page of our web site, you choose the MBK brand, and then the model, type and year of your vehicle. This way you have access to the correct original parts quickly.

Many original spare parts, no matter what year your scooter or moped is from.

As long as the manufacturer produces original MBK products, you will find the original parts for your scooter no matter what year the bike is. Original spare parts are quality parts so you are able to repair your vehicle in the right way. When your vehicle needs repairing, you care about doing so easily and with reliable original parts. Thanks to the exploded views, you can find the necessary original parts by choosing the correct drawing of the parts group. Since the original parts are numbered, on the right hand side of the screen you can order the pieces with a click.

Original spare parts for the entire MBK range.

Thanks to EasyParts, you know where to look for original parts for your X-Limit or even your X-Power. The 50cc bikes are organized by colour code, so you will immediatelly spot your vehicle. Original parts of all kinds such as saddles, shock absorbers, chassis and fairings. Replace your damaged front light or speedometer by going to the exploded view with the same title, Front Light for example and just click. You will see the original parts of the headlight, as well as the screws, bulbs and any other item related to the headlight or you can directly order the complete headlight.

Original MBK parts for your scooter or maxi scooter.

MBK has a large range of scooters such as Nitro,  Mach G,  Flame X or Ovetto among many others. For your scooter, you want to get the original mirror, the key switch, the seat cover or the brake caliper. At EasyParts,you will find these original parts immediately. Since the original parts are classified in groups, EasyParts has all the drawings of your vehicle in exploded views. Your maxi scooter Skycruiser, your Thunder or your Waap can be quickly fixed with our vehicle filter on our home page.