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Motorparts emerged from the Motori Minarelli engine factory, a historic company in the Italian motorcycle industry, and traditionally follows the high standards of quality, reliability and know-how. Motorparts produces the brands DR Racing Parts and Top Performances. The company focuses on the development and sale of motorcycle parts to improve the scooter's performance. But durability, safety and comfort are not neglected either.

Top Performances | Spare parts and tuning parts

EasyParts has a wide range of items for the gearbox, engine, fuel system and much more. Do you want to tune your vehicle or just replace a defective part? Then you are on the right page.

Large selection of Top Performances transmissions and transmission parts

Visit this page if you are looking for V-belts. The V-belt is a wearing part and must sometimes be replaced to prevent major engine damage. In addition to the V-belts, you will find pulleys in different variants in this group. The Top Performances pulleys are of the same high quality as original parts, but are a lot cheaper. The high quality transmission parts and axles are available in this group and can also replace the original engine parts.

Top Performances engine replacement parts

In the engine parts group you will find Top Performances water pumps, exhaust systems, crankshafts and complete cylinder kits. You can replace the original water pump of your scooter or moped with a high-quality water pump from Top Performances. If you want to get more power from your vehicle, choose a tuning crankshaft from Top Performances. These crankshafts are particularly suitable for racing.
The exhaust systems of Top Performances can be found in different variations. Choose between an aluminum or a carbon version in the Original, Race or Sport class.

Top Performances fuel system replacement parts

Top Performances is known for its V-Force reeds, but they also have standard conical reeds. If you're looking for genuine reed valves, we recommend those from DR, they are made for many two-wheelers.
Take a look at the carburetors, jets or intake manifolds from Top Performances. We offer you everything in one group, so you have everything at a glance and don't have to jump from group to group.
A perfect ignition timing is important for the best performance and the cleanest combustion. A good CDI generates a significantly stronger ignition function compared to ignition coil ignition.