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At the number one scooter parts supplier you can find the accessories you need for your Aprilia.

If you own an Aprilia scooter or maxi scooter, you surely want to equip it with extra accessories. That is why we have specialized in the sale of accessories for this brand.

Are you in need of an anti-theft Aprilia accessory?

If you have an Aprilia Atlantic, Aprilia Leonardo, Scarabeo or maybe an Aprilia SR scooter, we have the right alarm system like an original Aprilia alarm or the universal Gemini alarm system. These alarm systems activate a powerful siren without wasting your scooter's battery. If you prefer a good lock, you can opt for a handlebar lock. These locks are very effective and easy to install. We have genuine Aprilia handlebar locks and handlebar locks made by the famous CLM brand.

Aprilia accessories increase comfort while driving.

It is no luxury to have a windscreen if you want to use your Aprilia in all weather conditions. It protects you from rain, wind and insects. The use of an original, Fabbri or Malossi windscreen also upgrades your scooter’s appearance.

To keep yourself warm and dry and have a comfortable ride in cold days, you can use a leg cover for your Aprilia scooter. Leg covers are available in genuine Aprilia brand and in several aftermarket brands. Most leg covers also function as saddle cover to keep your seat clean and dry while your scooter is parked outside.

Carry more goods with an Aprilia top case.

Not only do we have comfort accessories, we also offer a wide selection of practical transport accessories. A top case gives you extra room to store your helmet or carry groceries. Aprilia top cases are available with a capacity of 28 to 36L. For some Aprilia scooter models it is also possible to mount a backrest on the top case for your passenger's comfort.