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EasyParts sorts all oil-related parts by category Oil Pump Housing, Oil Hoses, Oil Filters and Oil Pumps to make it easy for you to refine your search for the right part. You can easily find the right oil spare part by clicking on the appropriate category.

What is the oil pump housing?

The oil pump housing is fitted as a cover over the oil pump to protect the oil pump. The oil pump housing is available in different colors so that you can personalize your motorcycle. We sell oil pump covers of the TNT brand. The oil pump housing is suitable for your moto 50 and can replace the original version if it is broken or simply if you want to change the look of your two-wheeler. Here you will find the oil pump housings for the engines D50B0 or ​​EBE/EBS050, which are used on Piaggio or Derbi geared 50cc bikes.

The oil hose to supply your engine with oil.

The oil hose plays an important role in your engine as the oil hose allows the oil to flow to your engine to lubricate it. Well-known alternative brands such as RMS or TNT supply oil hoses. The oil hoses of these brands are usually made of rubber and may be colored. When choosing your oil hose, pay attention to the information on our website, for example the length or diameter of the oil hose.

A service part, the oil filter.

Depending on the brand and type of engine, various parts may be required to replace your oil filter, such as a filter screen, complete oil filters or an oil drain plug. On our website we offer different brands of oil filters, original products from brands such as Piaggio, Peugeot or Sym, whereby alternative brands such as Champion or Malossi are also mentioned. Don't forget to change the oil filter on your Gilera, Aprilia or Yamaha when you service it.

No engine without an oil pump.

The oil pump is an important part of your engine. Without an oil pump the engine cannot be supplied with oil and without oil the engine can be irreversibly damaged. For example, an oil pump for the Minarelli 50 engine is supplied by TNT for the BW's models. We stock original oil pumps for Aerox, Cygnus, Satelis, Medley and many other vehicle models. On our homepage you can easily filter our site for your bike with the vehicle filter to find the parts you need.