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Anti Theft

It is very important to invest in the security of your moped or scooter. You can choose for an alarm system or for different locks. Depending on your vehicle you make your decision. Most scooters are standard equipped with a steering lock. The differences are explained below. Because the alarm systems often depend on a certain brand or model, it is useful to use our vehicle filter. By filling in your brand, model and type on our website, you can see exactly which alarm systems are available for your vehicle.


The alarm systems are usually built into your moped or scooter. The alarm systems are supplied with a remote control so that you can lock or open your vehicle remotely. The alarm system indicates whether it needs to be connected to the battery or whether it has a back-up battery. The advantage of a back-up battery is that it is not dependent on the battery of the scooter. The alarm systems are resistant to vibrations so that they do not go off when a truck passes by or someone bumps into your scooter. The adjustable shock sensor allows you to determine the sensitivity of the alarm system yourself.

Besides the alarm systems, we also sell the wiring harnesses to connect the alarm system to a specific vehicle.


The locks on this page are all universal and can be used for any vehicle. Depending on the model of moped or scooter you can decide what you find useful. Sometimes a combination of different locks is made. This depends entirely on where you place the scooter and what the possibilities are.

The chain lock is one of the most commonly used locks. The advantage of this lock is that it is available in different lengths. This lock goes through the rear wheel and is attached to a pole or fence.  Another alternative is the Grip-Lock. This lock is attached to the handlebars and locks both the throttle and the brake lever. This makes it impossible to move the scooter.