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Piaggio is one of the largest scooter manufacture in the world. Besides the Piaggio they also have the Vespa, Derbi, Gilera and Aprilia. The Italian company founded in 1884 in Genoa by Rinaldo Piaggio. Started as a luxury ship builder, he also started to focus on other markets, including the scooter in 1946.

In 1946 the first scooter is built and due to its slender construction and gentle humming it was called the Vespa (wasp). From 1958, the first car vehicles Piaggio developed and named Ape that literally means bee as in a working bee. These Apecar cars were very popular in France and Germany. The Quargo Porter and the Microcar are also vehicles that came from the Piaggio factories.

In 1964 the company Piaggio was split up and part of it was completely focused on scooters, motorcycles and mopeds, which later expanded with the buying and taking over of brands such as Derbi, Gilera and Aprilia. Piaggio is the biggest producer of scooters as well as one of the most important motorcycle manufacturers.

One of the best known scooter models of Piaggio are the Beverly, Fly and Zip. But also the thee wheel scooter of Piaggio, the MP3, is now a very common model on. This scooter is allowed on the highway and can reach speeds of up to 150 km / h.

EasyParts has a large choice of parts for Piaggio and the brands like Derbi, Gilera and Aprilia. We are also the distributor in spare parts for the Benelux and Northern Europe of the larger vehicles of Piaggio such as the Apecar, Porter, Quargo and Microcar.

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