Recambios de mantenimiento

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EasyParts offers a wide range of maintenance parts. This refers to components that are subject to wear or that need to be regularly replaced during maintenance.

Items  that are directly subject to wear and tear are, for example, tyres, cables, chains, sprockets,  clutches, brake pads, variator belts or variator rollers. Of these parts we offer several brands, sizes types and models.

If, for example, you need to buy new brake pads, a variator belt or clutch, the best you can do is to select your brand, type and model in the vehicle filter on top of the page. By doing this the whole web site is filtered for the selected bike so only the matching parts and universal parts are shown. Please note that universal parts may not always be useable for the selected model.

Besides the mentioned ‘wear-parts’, we also offer parts that you may need for service. For example, a spark plug, air filter, battery or oil filter. You can also find complete maintenance kits for various models, easy if you need to perform service on your scooter.

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