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Hi-speed E-bike centrale POLINI Brose

Este producto ya no se vende.
Hi-speed E-bike centrale POLINI Brose Logo Polini
Polini Número del artículo: 950.830.034
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Tuning on your E-Bike is possible in a number of ways. Especially the Polini E-Bike Modules for the Bosch engine are very popular. These E-Bike Modules bypass the limiter, which is set to 25 km/h by default, so the pedal assistance remains switched on up to 50 km/h. Many of the E-Bikes currently on the market have a Bosch engine, where this module fits perfectly.

The installation of the Polini E-Bike Modules is very easy and the engine does not need to be opened. The only thing you have to make changes to is the crankcase. This Polini E-Bike Module replaces the standard delivered module; all plugs are exactly the same. That is why this Polini E-Bike Module can only be mounted in one way for your electric bike. After assembly you will notice that the waterproof function is retained.

Whether you have a Bosch engine in your E-Bike or a Shimano, Yamaha or Brose, Polini has an E-Bike Module that fits your electric bike. Certainly the E-Bikes with a Bosch engine are very well suited for Polini. The latest version of this module for the Active Line, Performance Line or CX is again improved compared to the previous Hi-Speed ​​Module for the Bosch engine. This module shows the actual speed on the display, in contrast to only half which is registered with the other modules. The distance covered must still be doubled with all Polini modules.

The E-Bike Module does not have to be configured. There is also no need for batteries, the module charges itself during use. If you want to ride on the public road with your E-Bike, you can easily remove the Hi-Speed ​​E-Bike Modules from Polini. Always keep the originally delivered module so that you can change it quickly.

Do you want to do some tuning to your E-Bike? Take a look at the E-Bike Modules from Polini. A Hi-Speed ​​module is available for Bosch and any other engine!