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Black Friday on EasyParts

Take advantage of discounts on various accessories this week. Stay warm with leggings from Tucano Urbano, Piaggio, Vespa, Yamaha. And protect your scooter or moped with a cover from T.J. Marvin or Novascoot.

If you are looking for a new helmet, we have selected several brands and models for you. Take a look at a new system helmet from Piaggio or a demi-jet helmet from Baruffaldi.

Leg covers

To stay warm during these colder days, a leg cover is a good option. This legcover is mounted on the scooter and protects your legs and a part of your upper body. If the legcover is not used, it can remain mounted on the scooter. The legcover will also protect the saddle when the scooter is parked.


Now that the winter months are coming, many drivers will no longer use their moped or scooter. To protect your scooter even better against dirt and sand, a protective cover is recommended. These covers are also waterproof and keep your scooter in perfect condition.


The use of gloves on a scooter offers extra safety during a crash. The summer gloves are made of a light material so they don't get to hot. The winter gloves are lined and slightly thicker. There are winter gloves with 2 fingers together also called 'lobster'. Because there are two fingers together they are warmer than gloves with 5 fingers.


The helmet is extremely important to protect your head. When buying a helmet, it is important that you wear the right size so it stays firmly on your head in case of a crash. To purchase the right size helmet, we have a handy overview where you can easily determine the size. If you still can't figure it out, you can contact our customer service.

In this group you will find various types of helmets. For example system helmets from Piaggio and Demi-Jet helmets from Vespa. There are also jet helmets without visor from Baruffaldi and full-face helmets from CGM. We have also an extensive range of children's helmets.

Maintenance kits

These kits consist of all the parts to give a service to your scooter. Each brand has put a maintenance kit together for their models. In these packages you will find an oil filter, air filter, variator belt, spark plug, brake pads and variator guides.


Nothing is more annoying than arriving soaked at work or at home after a heavy rainstorm. The rainwear in this group can protect you from this. Besides individual jackets and pants, we also have complete rain suits for sale. There are also raincoats with extra reflection or fluorescent for extra visibility.

Scorpion Exhausts

Find all Scorpion exhausts in this group with a 20% discount. Because the exhausts of Scorpion brand and model are related, it is convenient to use our vehicle filter. By filling in the brand, model and type everything on the website will be filtered for your vehicle. So you can be sure that you always order the right part.

Protection Bars

The protection bars do not only give your scooter a different look but also serve as protection. If your moped or scooter is overturned by the wind, your body work are also protected. The protection bars are mostly made of chrome and give your scooter a more luxurious look.


 A good lock makes it more difficult to steal your moped or scooter. An u lock is a simple lock that you put through the front or rear wheel. If you want to attach the scooter to a pole or fence a chain lock is a good choice. These come in different lengths. There are also Griplock locks that are attached to the handlebars. These lock the throttle and brake lever. Another possibility is a push&block lock. This lock is attached to the center stand of the scooter and makes it impossible to move or move the scooter.

Top cases

A top case is ideal for transporting extra luggage. Because a buddy often doesn't have enough space, a top case is quickly chosen. These top cases are in different sizes and also have different contents. The capacity ranges from 24L to 50L depending on the brand and model. Some top cases are even available in the color of the vehicle's paint. The top cases need a mounting plate. With the top case it is indicated whether the mounting plate is delivered or has to be ordered separately.


A windscreen is the ideal protection against wind and rain. The high windscreen allows you to sit comfortably out of the wind and stops the rain. The windscreen comes standard in a transparent color. There are also windscreens with a dark tint. These block the sun's rays on a summer day. Keep in mind that visibility at night is much less. Besides the standard high windscreens you will also find medium and sports screens.

Saddles / Buddyseats

If your saddle needs to be replaced, you will find a new saddle for your moped or scooter here. You will also find seats for one or two persons. The more luxurious seats have a gel structure which provides even better comfort while riding. The seats are available in various colors to style your scooter to your own taste.