Piezas motor adecuado para Aprilia RS 50


Engine Parts

This group consists of all parts that have to do with the engine of your scooter or moped.  Because there are a lot of parts for various brands and types in these groups, it is best to set the vehicle filter at the top of the page to the brand, type and model of your vehicle. Besides the original parts, also the alternative parts are shown. This is an advantageous alternative to the genuine engine parts.

Crankcase Parts

Find various crankcase gaskets and complete crankcases here. Secure your crankcase cover with our crankcase bolts and close the crankcase with one of these crankcase caps. Use our handy vehicle filter to find out what fits your vehicle.

Cylinders & Parts

Like most engine parts, the cylinder does not have eternal life. This depends, among other things, on how many kilometres you have driven. If it happens that the power of your scooter is decreasing or you want to increase it, we offer complete cylinders with all accessories.


It is very important that an engine does not get too hot. In the cooling group you will find parts and fluids that prevent this. In this way the cooling fins ensure a better flow of air and the thermostat keeps an eye on the temperature.

The cooling fluid provides an excellent protection of metals that occur in modern engines and cooling systems. This liquid offers good resistance to foaming and protection against aluminium and magnesium.


One of the most important parts of the engine block is the crankshaft. Thanks to the crankshaft the whole engine block moves. You can get the crankshaft to move in two ways, namely by using a starter motor or by using the kickstart. By driving a lot of kilometres there will also be a lot of wear and tear. Replacing a crankshaft takes a lot of time. Because the whole engine has to be taken apart, this is a job for the experienced engineer.


A bearing improves rotation and reduces friction. If a bearing were not used, a shaft would rotate much more rigidly and wear out quickly. In a scooter or moped a bearing is used in several places. You can find them at the crankshaft (crankshaft bearings), on the handlebars (steering wheel bearings) and wheels (wheel bearings).

Oil Related Parts

In this group you will find everything that has to do with the oil of your vehicle. Find a replacement oil filter or use an oil cup to easily refill your oil. You will also find 2 and 4-stroke engine oil here. Grab the old bottle of oil to make sure you order the right oil. If in doubt, use our vehicle filter. 


A gasket seals two metal parts. Because of a gasket, no liquid or gas leakage can occur. Because metal against metal doesn't seal enough you use a gasket. As a result, it fits together seamlessly. Gaskets occur at various places in the moped or scooter. For example between the engine block and the transmission cover or between the engine block and the cylinder. We advise against using a gasket more than once. Because during loosening the gasket can be damaged, fluid can still leak if it is reused. A new gasket is the best solution.

Starter Parts

This group consists of all parts around the kickstart. Find here the right size kickstart gears and order here the right kickstart clutch for your vehicle. When ordering the parts, make sure they fit your vehicle. Use our blue filter at the top of the page to order the right product.

Transmission Parts

Looking for the right gear size? Or a new gearbox for your scooter? This group consists of the most important transmission parts for your scooter or moped.


On the website of EasyParts there are several brands of exhausts. One of the best known brands is AKRAPOVIČ. This Slovenian brand is known for its high quality exhaust systems for scooters and motorcycles. Next to AKRAPOVIČ you will find exhausts of Arrow, Giannelli, Leovince, Malossi, Scorpion and Yasuni. If the exhaust you have chosen is not in stock, you will also find alternative articles on the page. It will then be clearly indicated if it fits your vehicle.

Variator Parts

The variator rollers are weights inside the variator. By a rotating movement these rollers want to move to the outside. Because of this they push the V-belt outwards. The weight of these rollers has to be exactly right. When buying these rollers you have to pay attention to the weight as well as the dimensions. If your rollers are too light, the crankshaft has to rotate faster, so the engine makes too much revs. If the rollers are too heavy, the crankshaft needs less effort and the engine will make less revs. The result is a lower top speed and less traction.