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The tyres are one of the most important parts of a moped or scooter. The tyres must always be of very good quality. The contact between the tyre and the road is several tens of square centimetres. If this contact is not good, there is a chance that you will slip, with all its consequences.

By regularly checking and cleaning your tyres, you can inspect them for any damage or wear and tear. It is important to replace tyres on time and not to drive until it is too late. The tyre pressure should be checked regularly. The tread depth of a tyre must be at least 1 millimetre.

Tyre supplies

In this group you will find everything you need to maintain your tyres. To replace a tyre we have tyre levers and tyre pumps.  For the repair of a tyre there is special sealing paste or tyre mounting paste to make it easier to get the tyre around the rim. For Tubeless tyres you will find special repair kits here.

To replace the valve we have mounting tools and a new valve in various types. The tyre markers are used to colour in the brand or type to accentuate it.

Inner tubes

The outer tyre indicates whether it is to be fitted with or without an inner tube. TL stands for Tubeless and TT for Tube Type. A fluorescent tube can be fitted without an inner tube and a TT can be fitted with an inner tube. There are also tyres that are suitable for both. Then there is TT/TL on the cheek of the tyre.

Because the tubes depend on the model of moped or scooter, we recommend using our handy vehicle filter. By filling in the brand, model and type you will find exactly the right inner tube.


The tyre size is indicated on the cheek (side) of the tyre.  If you don't know what tyre size fits on your scooter, click on 'What tyre size does my scooter have? The tyre size is indicated as follows: 130/70-12. 130 is the width of the tread in millimetres. 70 is the height/width ratio. The larger this number, the higher the tyre is. 12 is the rim diameter in inches.

It is important not to deviate from this. Only the right size of tyre guarantees good road grip. There is also a letter on the tyre, which is the speed index. The speed index indicates up to which maximum speed tyres are suitable. This can also be important, especially if the tyre is mounted on a motorscooter or motorbike. There is also a number on the tyre, which is the load index. This indicates the maximum weight that can rest on a tyre. So the weight of the vehicle plus luggage plus rider (and passenger) divided by two (in case of a 3 wheeler divided by 3 of course). These 2 indexes can be found directly behind the size.



1. Width of the tyre in mm.

2. Ratio, the height of the tyre expressed as a percentage of the width.

3. Bead diameter expressed in inches.

4. Tyre is suitable for use on a motorbike.

5. Load index, which is the maximum load in kg per tyre (see diagram below)

6. Speed index, this is the maximum allowable speed (see diagram below)

7. TT/TL (TT = Tube Type, requires an inner tube; TL = Tubeless, without inner tube)

8. M+S = Mud and Snow, this is a winter tyre

9. Direction of tyre rotation, indicated by an arrow on the sidewall


At the top of the website, under the customer service header, there is a technical reference.  Here you will find some important additional information about the tyres.

What tyre size does my scooter have?

Find the tyre size you need in this overview. In this list you will find the front and rear tyre sizes. If your tyre size is not listed or if you have any doubts about the size of your scooter, you can always contact customer service. They can give you the right advice about your tyre size.