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Fasteners in all shapes and sizes, that's what you can find on this page. All sorted by type, material and size and packaged in accessible numbers.

Whether you want to buy socket head bolts, hex bolts, nuts or washers, here you can find all common sizes used on two-wheelers, in stainless steel or galvanized steel.

Speednuts and screws are available in many sizes, separate or in matching sets.

We also offer low-priced tie wraps (cable ties) and (hose) clamps in various sizes.

In the group of nipples and adjusters there are several screw nipples and cable adjusters you can use to modify a cable to the required size. Of course, the Nitto insulation tape (you can use to properly insulate your wiring), is not missing in our range.

For the avid mechanic we also have various assortment boxes, with these you hardly miss anything.