Carrocería y chasis


Body Work

The group of bodywork consists of all parts that sit on or around the frame of a scooter or moped. The engine parts are not meant with this, you can find these at carburettor. Whether these parts fit on your scooter depends on the brand and type. By using our vehicle filter you avoid ordering the wrong product. With this filter everything can be adjusted for your vehicle. Fill in the brand, model and type of vehicle and everything on the website is filtered for your scooter.

Most of the items you find in this group are alternative products that you can use to replace the original products.

Levers & Handles

Here you will find all kinds of levers for your handlebars. Among others choke handles and various throttle controls. For the shifting mopeds you will find clutch levers here. If you want a different colour brake levers you will find them in this group. Besides original brands we also have universal parts. These are often a lot cheaper than the original parts but comparable in quality.

Body Work & Covers

Are you looking for a different colour bodywork set? Or a new rubber running board mat for your Yamaha T-Max? In this group you will find it all. You can also find a new steering hood or a mudguard here.

Licence Plate Holders

As the group suggests you will find all kinds of license plate holders that can be attached to the mudguard. Just click the license plate in and you are ready to go. Besides the standard black license plate holders you'll also find metal and aluminium holders here.


If your scooter does not start electrically, you may need to use the kickstart function. By means of the kickstart pedal you can still get the scooter on.  Besides kickstart pedals you will find several switching pedals for the mopeds.

Shock Absorbers

A shock absorber is a component that is located in the suspension of a vehicle to absorb the shock. The shock absorbers consist of several variants. The most common shock absorbers are filled with nitrogen. The floating piston separates oil and gas and ensures optimal absorption.

Protection Bars

The protection bars not only decorate the appearance of your scooter but also serves to protect it. If your scooter is blown over by the wind, the protection bars protect the hoods of your scooter. The vehicle covers protect your vehicle from dust and rain. This way it stays optimal and you can enjoy it longer.


If your mirror is broken by falling down your scooter or a crash, it can easily be ordered. Use our vehicle filter on the website to see which mirror fits your vehicle.

Stands & Jiffies

The side stand and center stand are meant to keep your scooter upright while parking.  If you have problems with your center stand you can order a new standard in this group.

Handlebars & Accessories

Find handlebars, hand protectors, handlebar clamps and various handlebar weights.  If you want a new ignition, you can order it here. The ignition locks are brand dependent so it is important to pay attention to the brand and model of your vehicle.

Tank Pads / Covers

In order not to damage your tank with your zipper we sell tank covers. You stick these on your tank where you come across your belly. This way you won't damage your tank and it stays in good condition.

Odometers and parts

If you have problems with your odometer you will find a universal odometer here. In addition to the speedo meter, we also have tachometers and counter drivers.

Foot Supports

For the passenger on the back we have several footrests. The footrests are brand-dependent so use our handy vehicle filter. By filling in the brand, model and type, everything on the website will be filtered for your vehicle.

Front Fork Parts

For the tools of your front fork you are right here. Looking for the right steeringheadset wrench or steeringheadset set? We have several brands that offer this. You can also find other tools here. If you can't find the right tool you can always contact customer service. They can advise you in the products.

Seats & Seat Covers

The saddle on the scooter is an important part. Not only on short distances but especially for the longer rides it should be comfortable. So there are comfort gel saddles for optimal riding comfort. These saddles are filled with a gel that adapts to the rider.

If there is often a passenger there are special saddles for two persons. This saddle has 2 backrests and is preformed to carry a passenger.  When often ridden alone, a standard saddle often suffices.

The saddle covers are useful when a protective cover is not used. By pulling a cover over the saddle it stays dry and clean during a rainstorm. Pay attention to the model of your scooter when ordering. The saddle covers depend on the brand and saddle type of your scooter or moped.