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Are you looking for new tyres? Then you have come to the right place. We take tyres very seriously and therefore we only supply quality brand tyres. Did you know that the tire road contact area (contact patch) is just a few square centimeters? Therefore good tyres are very important. Because if this contact is not good, you're going to slide, or worse, you will fall, with all the consequences.
Check your tyres regularly and clean them well. In that way, you can also inspect the tyre and detect damage and wear in a timely manner. It's important to replace tyres in time and not to not drive until it's too late. Also check the tyre pressure and the tread depth regularly (must be at least 1mm).
The tyre size is printed on the sidewall of the tyre. It's important not to deviate from it. Only the right size guarantees a good road handling..
The tyre also indicates whether it is to be used with or without an inner tube.TT stands for tube type and TL stands for tubeless. A TT tyre is mounted with inner tyre and a TL tyre can be mounted without one.There are also tyres that are suitable for both. Then it says TT / TL on the tyre sidewall. 
All this information is also mentioned on the website. You wil find it at the tyres' specifications. 
If you have a nail or screw in your tyre it's probably possible to repair it. In the group tyre repair you will find products that can do the job.
You will also find other tools and products that can be used to mount or disassemble a tyre. 
Tyre markers are used to accentuate specifics on the tyre sidewall, in most cases the tyre brand.